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Here you will find the new website of The HR-Builders – Working on Better HR. Wait and watch out.

Better HR …

HR as we know it from most enterprises is broken. Management and employees are frustrated by hampering HR. At the same time HR professionals don’t feel much appreciation for their work and dedication.

It’s time to change this. It’s time for  Better HR.

An HR creating value for the business.

About me

More than 20 years of strategic and  operational experience in Human Resources, most recently as Senior Executive in global HiTech and Manufacturing: seasoned in developing and implementing strategies, performance management, development of leaders and professionals as well as learning, proven track record in successfully  managing projects and change initiatives.

Throughout my career I have successfully  established and transformed HR functions and for profit businesses, developed visions and missions, defined strategic objectives and KPI based steering logics, developed business processes, built teams as well as selected and implemented HR Information Systems to gain process efficiencies and enable data driven decision making.

I am experienced in managing international teams in Asia, Europe and the U.S., combining sound control of business steering tools with competence in leading diverse teams.

Behind: a powerful network of consultants, management trainers and coaches.


How HR does become more entrepreneurial or “7 steps to get the seat at the table”

When attending conferences or any other gathering of HR colleagues and peers, I experience over and over again a mixture of disappointment and being offended that HR does not receive the appreciation it does deserve – despite the fact that people shall be the most critical success factor for organizations. Everybody is talking about Engagement, …

Hello world!

Something really big is around the corner! A complete relaunch of Expedition8 within the next couple of days. New team members. New products for Data Driven Talent Management and many more exciting stuff …


We are in the course of formation. Which does mean, many things are emerging and constantly changing. But this is not an excuse for waiting – we are there for you. Whenever you need us.